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In order to help people in need effectively, one must have a registered charity in Uganda, Mwendo Needy Children and orphans project is a registered charity in Uganda with aims to protect the charity in need, Sponsor children in local communities of Uganda most especially around lake bunyonyi. In 2017, it acquired its charity number from the the Uganda Charity board which is rec-organized as a charity Organization in Uganda.

In 2007, Mwendo Needy children and Orphans projects was first registered as a community based organization that led to its registration as a Charity in Uganda.This is a call for people interested in Charity organizations in Africa to join us in Uganda to promote the cause through helping children who are in need.

Mwendo Needy children and Orphans project hasĀ  registered number of children since 2007 of whom have graduated from different discipline in different institutions of learning in Uganda who are impacting their communities.

For information contact us through email so that we could send you all the necessary documents.

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