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Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country for those of you who have been in Uganda, You know it better than i can tell however Gorilla tracking in Uganda is a very great experience to every one traveling to Uganda,There are several gorilla tracking groups in Uganda,Tourist traveling to Uganda could volunteer and go on a safari or on Gorilla tracking in Uganda which is amazing., Mwendo Needy children and Orphans project a community based Organization welcomes to this Opportunity of Volunteering and Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, Corolla tracking in Uganda is done in the Bwindi impenetrable National park in Uganda though Mghinga is also a very good place for gorilla tracking in Uganda and for every tourists traveling to Uganda.

Tracking Gorillas in Uganda is a very nice experience though it not free, This means that Gorilla tracking in Uganda is as 600USD in high season compared to Rwanda which 750USD however in low season Gorilla Tracking is 350USD per person in Uganda,There are several Gorilla families tourists could track, They include Rushegura, Mubare, Habinyanja, Oruzogo,Bitukura, Kyagurilo, Nkuringo, Nshongi, Mishaya, Kahungye. All gorilla families are accessible but we highly recommend old tourists fascinating for Gorilla tracking in Uganda to book their Gorilla permits for Ruhija as it has the nearest Gorilla Tracking.
It needs a mention that you could do Gorilla tracking in Uganda when you have booked your Gorilla permit in advance but your could as well book your Gorilla permits for Gorilla Tracking in Uganda through a registered tour operator like Gatatu Safaris Tours which is a local registered tour operator in Uganda, Gatatu Safaris Tours carry out Gorilla Transfers for every person/tourists from and around the World traveling to Uganda for Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, You could leave your area of Volunteering or your Accommodation around Kabale or Lake bunyonyi at 5:00am heading for Gorilla Tracking but you could also stay in the park as there are several Accommodations one may need to stay in.

Travel and Volunteer with Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Project as community based Organization in Uganda. See you soon.

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