How you can help

There are many different ways on how you could help Mwendo Projects, there are several items of which you could help in, you could Sponsor a child, you could raise funds for Mwendo, You could hold events, holding evens and raise funds for Mwendo provide smooth way of running our work

Below are the items of which you could raise funds for.

1.700 bags of cement=2450USD
2.200 Iron sheets=14000USD
3.150 trips of sand=1200USD
4.70 trips of brick=8400USD
5.40 trips of hard-core=2000USD
6.22 trips of gravel stone=1540USD
7.600 Iron Bars=15000USD
1.700 shirts.=7000USD
2.700 sheeters.=1200USD
3.300 trousers=1300USD
4.400 skirts.=1500USD
5.700 stockings.=1400USD
6.700 shoes.=17500USD
7.700 bags.=3000USD


It should be noted that  children as young as  2-5 years of age do travel long distances in search of water before they present themselves to school in the morning time and after school. This has been always a problems for absenteeism and late comings to school, Mwendo-James primary school and Kakomo Primary schools do not have water taps either or water tanks therefore the Provision of water will ease the work of Mwendo, At times there is scarcity of which leads to fetching of water from the lake, This delays food for the children hence leading to class exercise delays, It is believed the provision of water tanks among the community members will reduce on the number of children going to fetch water  early in the hens.

Sponsor Mwendo Needy Children and Orphans Uganda