Is a beautiful country with all you need to see, It is endowed with lots of resources that you could not trace anyway in Africa however very many people in western still have a perception of IDI Amin of 1970, It needs a mention that Uganda is a very stable country with great security under the President of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Uganda has friendly people that you could meet in every corner of the Country you dare to travel in, Uganda has a very high hospitality people that every where you travel, every where you intend to stay, you get a very high hospitality by the Ugandan people.

However there are a lot to see in Uganda either coming on a safari tour with Gatatu safaris Tours a Ugandan based travel company and owned by local Ugandan, Uganda has different national parks where most of the safari take place, There are lots of wildlife in Uganda ranging from Mountain Gorillas to other in Bwindi Impenetrable National park to other animals within different national parks in Uganda. Therefore Uganda has national parks in South Western Uganda and Northern parts of Uganda for your Safari in Uganda, National parks that are in Uganda include among others Bwindi Impenetrable park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kidepo National park, Murchison falls National park, Kibale National park, Lake Mburo National park all of which are in Uganda, Such National parks in Uganda contains different wildlife though some National parks in Uganda have go similar Animals.

Uganda has good beautiful scenery however there are very many fascinating places in Uganda for Photography, others with very many activities that will ruin in your life time, You could come for different land activities in Uganda with great views in different hills of Uganda and low lands of Uganda which contains most of the lakes and Rivers like Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Albert, Lake Victoria and Lake Mburo all in Uganda, some lake in Uganda like lake bunyonyi is free from Birhazea for swimming as very many tourists from and around the world come to Uganda and stay around Lake bunyonyi for Swimming which is an opportunity that you can not find in other lakes in Uganda.

It needs a mention that Uganda is always ready for your helping hand to those of you who love volunteering as Uganda as a lot of areas where you could expose your expertise, You could have a participation in different projects around Uganda such as hospitals, Schools, Orphanages and resorts including lodges, This would be done by applying though the registered Community based Organizations in Uganda but you could as to come back for volunteering let after your Uganda safari or a safari in an African Country. Please take a look for Volunteering link and get more information

See you soon in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

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