About Mwendo Needy Children and Orphans Uganda

Is a non-profit Ugandan organization that was formed in 2005 and operates in Mwendo Parish Kabale District. It was conceived by Mr. Tusasibwe Richard after Identifying a number of problems that were being experienced in his community which included rape, sexual immorality, school dropout, HIV leading to orphans. New Mwendo needy children and orphans project Uganda is currently helping children who are orphans and other needy children from poor families to provide Education, Nutrition and Moral in Mwendo society. Richard Tusasibwe holds qualifications in Social work and social Administrations and therefore is using his skills as a social worker to help his community get out of Poverty.

About Richard Tusasibwe

Richard Tusasibwe is the Director and the founder of Mwendo Needy children and Orphan Uganda and is therefore Contactable either by email or by telephone numbers

Working with Schools

Current, Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Uganda is working with 2 schools to make sure that these children get support from our programs; the schools are Mwendo-James Primary School with 300 children and Kakomo Primary with 400 children and in total which 700 Children.
However, Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Uganda provide Sponsorship for children in Secondary school or High schools. Currently there are 37 Children who are in secondary and high school levels. There are other 3 students joining the University this year.

Primary provider of Education for Mwendo are:

  •  St.Mary’s College Rushoroza
  • Kigezi Cleverland High school
  •  Kabale Trinity college
  • Kako Secondary school
  • Hornby High schoo (Girls school)
  • Kabale Brainstorm High school

Students after the high school or secondary schools do join different institutions depending on their success. However, Uganda Christian University and Makerere University in Uganda are the Key Universities of which Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Uganda send their Students to get better Education.

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