Mwendo needy children and Orphans Uganda encourages people all over the world to Sponsor children, You could Sponsor a child at the age of 3 up to the University, Sponsoring a child with Mwendo is 40USD for Primary children per month, 480USD per year however you could send an extra 20USD for HIV test.
The Sponsorship covers food, School uniforms, shoes medical for instance HIV test, Dental, Malaria and other related diseases.

Some Sponsors prefer to send one-off Donations while other prefer to send 6 month donations as their Sponsorship, Mwendo Project encourages Sponsors to choose either options because there are Bank charges on every transactions made which becomes more expensive to send funds to Uganda.

It is important to note that there are several methods upon which people send donations, Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Uganda could receive funds by Bank Accounts or by western Union Money transfer [a method that is worldwide],there is also money gram, such methods vary in speed, Normally by Bank Account. It takes only 5 working days while both Western Union Money transfer and Money gram takes few minutes.

Sponsoring a child in secondary school is 260USD per term, there are 3 terms in a year of which a student’s is supposed to pay his or her school in a year which means that, the annual Sponsorship for secondary school and High school students is 780USD but some school demand even much high than what Mwendo Project send their children.
Some Sponsor prefer certain genders to Sponsor before they take their decisions other Sponsors children based on the need[which child need the Sponsor most],Mwendo Project encourages you to choose which gender either a boy or a girl.

Bank Details: You could always use the bank details below to send funds

Account name…………………………………Mwendo Needy children & Orphans project.

Account number……………………………..01981021009159.

Branch name…………………………………..KABALE BRANCH.

Bank Address: Kabale Branch
Plot No143/145, Kabale Road, Kabale, Uganda.

Every Sponsor is entitled to updates about how his or her child is doing; Note that Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Uganda provide updates either in form of photo’s or school report cards, we aim at providing updates 3 times in a year, You could even exchange letters to your Sponsored child is he or she is able to write.
Contact Richard Tusasibwe
Mwendo Needy children and Orphan Uganda
P.O.BOX 987.
Kabale – Uganda.
East Africa.
Tel. +256 772 645 691

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