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Child Sponsor

Meet  child Sponsor in Uganda!

You can ask the management of Mwendo Needy children and orphans projects in Uganda to allocate you a child sponsor. Child sponsor may be in so many terms including orphans either double orphan or single orphan but you can Sponsor a child from the streets of Kabale or Uganda as many children leave their home villages and travel to towns in Uganda to spend many month and years begging on the streets most especially in  Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda.

You could choose a child sponsor  through many children of Mwendo and the choice is yours but we could allocate you a child sponsor who need sponsorship most that, he or she could leave home where they can not accessible good feeding so that they could utilize the Sponsorship given to them through their Sponsors.

There are other means of child Sponsor and this is through sending supplies to the school so that each children could benefit from the sponsorship, Sponsors could donate school materials and school uniforms where every child benefits. Child Sponsor in Africa is the way to help children in need.

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