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Partnerships in Uganda

Partnership is needed every where whether in Organizations or individuals and therefore Mwendo Needy Children and Orphans projects in Uganda encourages different Organizations from around the world to make partnership with us in Uganda for development, we do encourage schools from around the world to partner with us for support both financially and Physically, people interested in making partnership could do it in groups and individual basis, schools wishing to partner with us could raise funds which may help our Organization in Uganda to buy food for the children, Organizations which have been sending volunteers to Africa and Uganda as whole are encouraged to apply for Partnerships in Uganda where your skills are needed whether physically or financially where programs such as constructions of classrooms could be enhanced, lunch programs in school could be introduced through your funding, University students are also encouraged to take part in Mwendo Needy Children and Orphans Project in Uganda where students are sent through internship, Mwendo Needy children in Uganda encourages Educational trips where schools in Europe including Universities could make partner with different schools in Uganda for Educational Materials and School Constructions which it one our main purposes for existences.

Partnerships in Uganda with the Uganda Organizations in a great achievement for both western schools and Ugandan Schools where there is an exchange of ideas for both schools, It may be bringing advanced technology development to Uganda where are children in Uganda are taught how to use computers and other applications an item that is lacking in most schools in Uganda yet the government of Uganda recently introduced computer literacy in all governments schools.
Mwendo Needy children and Orphans Project Uganda does not base itself on any discrimination but also accepts any kind of

partnership where churches in this world cannot be rules for any partnership in Uganda and therefore invited to link with Mwendo Needy children and Orphans projects Uganda where fundraising could be enhanced as way to support children in Uganda for better feeding and Education but would also get involved in fellowship with our children as away to grow in a Christian life of Uganda.

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