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Child Sponsor in Uganda

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There are very many children in Uganda who need your helping hand through Sponsorship that turns the children through Education and Nutrition as very many children in Uganda are not attending schools due to lack of school fees and other necessary scholastic materials in Uganda, If you are there and you have been fascinating to Sponsor a child in Uganda and Africa as a whole, Mwendo Needy children and Orphans project in Uganda give you this Opportunity to have a child Sponsor you desire, Our project gives an opportunity to choose which child you would love to sponsor either by sex or religion or either an orphan or a needy child, either a double orphan or single orphan! But you have the liberty to choose which child you would love to sponsor where you could choose through our website or you could ask us to send you a number of photo’s with children descriptions so that you could choose!

Matress offerSponsor herThere are very many children in Uganda who would need a very high attention through child Sponsorship where some children need Sponsorship most because they are orphaned children, You could Sponsor a child from Nursery school up to the University, Our sponsorship for children as young as in primary school schools are of 40USD per month where a year is 480USD,You could always send half a year which is 260USD however for Secondary school child Sponsorship is different depending on which school a child is attending as some schools are different in charging schools based on the quality of the school but for our current Secondary and High school Sponsorship is 300USD per term where there are 3 terms in year of which a child is requested to pay school fees which means a total 600USD child Sponsorship in Uganda for secondary school and high school students, through Child Sponsorship, it needs a mention that some Sponsors prefer to send one off donations as a means of Sponsorship and this is done to avoid bank charges charged by some banks in Uganda that every time you make a transfer there are bank fees charged.


Sponsor a child in Uganda is good for you all and the children in Uganda that ensures Education which is a key of life and without Education in Uganda means no life, It needs a mention that for your child Sponsorship in Uganda, we keep updating you on how the child is doing through school report performance but we keep sending you photo’s on how the child is growing where every after 3 month there are updates from your Child Sponsor in Uganda and where a child is grown up,then the Child should start to communicate with the Sponsor through letter writings and Skype conversations which is a great experience for both the Sponsor and the child.

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